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Fan Unit

Standard with most of AVAYO wall mount and floor standing cabinets, fan unit available as single fan, set of 2 fans and set of 4 fans. Single fan unit uses in wall mount cabinets where as 2 and 4 fans set uses in floor standing type cabinets. Fan unit with thermostat controller also available to maintain temperature level in the cabinet.

Fan unit                                                :- Single, set of 2 and 4.

Type                                                     :- Roof, Door mountable or 1U rack mountable

Voltage                                                :- 220/240V – 50/60Hz

Speed                                                   :- 1380 rpm

Noise Level                                         :- 50 Dba

Power Cord Type                                :- 1.5 mtr UK type power cord


Dimension of single fan                     :- 120(L)x120(W)x38(D) mm


2 fan set with fan tray                         :- 500(L)x200(W)x45(D) mm

4 fan set with fan tray                         :- 510(L)x410(W)x45(D) mm ( for 800mm Racks)

                                                            :- 710(L)x410(W)x45(D) mm ( for 1000 mm Racks)

4 fans set with thermostat, 19”           :- 480(L)x320(W)x45(D) mm

Fan Tray                                              :- For 2 and 4 fan set

Material                                               :- SPCC quality cold rolled steel

Fan Tray Color                                    :- Black or Grey

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