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Fiber system

Fiber Optic Termination  Panels

Fiber Optic Termination Panels

AVAYO fiber termination panel or optic patch used to terminate, protect and organize the fiber optic cables and optical fibers in the fiber optic communciation networks. The fiber patch panel is in a standard 19 inch rack mount size or wall mount type, with different models including 6 port and 8 port (wall mount). 12 port and 24 port rack mountable. The adapter interface can be ST, SC, FC and LC

Fiber back bone terminations

Fiber cable distribution

Data centre terminations

CATV head end applications

Premise cabling and central office applications


Construction                           :- Cold Rolled Steel

Fiber capacity                         :- 6, 8, 12 and 24 ports                                                                                                                                    

Connecting Types                   :- SC, LC, FC & ST

Splice Tray                              :- Plastic splice tray

Front Plates                             :- 6 or 8 port plates


Mounting Type                      

Wall mount                             :- 6 port & 8 port

Rack mount                            :- 12 port & 24 port


Insertion Loss                         :- 0.2 dB

Return Loss                            :- 50 dB

Mechanical Endurance          :- 200 times

Operating Temperature         :-  -10-70 0C

Finish                                      :- Powder coated, Black or Grey

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