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Raised Floor System

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Floor Box

AVAYO floor boxes for Raised Floor System with various options of data, voice and audio – video out let provisions allows complete distribution of telecommunication and data communication requirements along with power out lets from one point. Some of these floor boxes allow direct snap in of AVAYO key stone jacks only and some allows provisions for any decorative wall plate to fix inside the floor box.The top plate of the floor box with 3.5 mm thick, stainless steel finish or zinc plated with easy pull up cable out protected against any risk of damage of cables. The steel bottom box fixed to the top plate with screws having cable entry knock outs on all sides. Most of the floor boxes allow 45 degree angled provisions on both sides. Horizontal installation allow in the bigger size floor box which can accommodate up to 12 modules in one box.

Quick and easy installation or removal.

Low profile beveled flange to protect from bumping

Easy pull out cable out with sponge protection

Heavy duty scratch proof

Anti static powder coated Compatible for low floor level

Cable entry knocks outs on all sides


If the cable opening for tile cut outs leave open, it can cause airflow bypass through these open areas. Grommets use to prevent this airflow bypass and thereby reduce hot spots by increasing the efficiency of entire cooling system. For an existing IT rooms, split grommets can be used as it helps to fix without disturbing existing cabling where as for new set up where there are no cables, fixed type grommets can be suggested.

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