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Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

Social & Safety considerations: -

In order to fulfill our social responsibilities, AVAYO ensures to follow certain code of conduct which is applicable for the company as well as for our suppliers. This includes

  • The operation of the company in any country should observed relevant national laws and regulations.
  • To keep a complete employee register with their written contracts, relevant details for all employees.
  • On time remuneration including all benefits.
  • Compulsory and regular health check-up and ensures that the employees are not subject to any health danger at their work place.
  • Ensures no child labor or forced labor and any kind of discrimination both in our production line as well as in supplier work force.
  • All employees are properly trained and well educated about their work, machineries, process line, company policies and safety measures to follow.


  • All operatives to have received Manual Handling Training.
  • Use Mechanical means of Lifting where possible.
  • No one operative is to lift anything greater than 25kg in weight. (If in doubt, do not lift)

Working Environment:-

  • Ensure all operatives are acclimatised to the local temperature of the working environment.
  • Ensure operatives regularly rehydrate with balanced fluids, take regular breaks in well ventilated shaded areas
  • Ensure all operatives are adequately protected from the sun through Prill Caps, Dark Safety Glasses, Hard hats, Coveralls and Safety Gloves.

Electrical Safeguards:-

  • All tools must be 110 volt, any tools with more than 110 volt electric work permit to obtain prior to start the work
  • All lead wire to hang where possible, if not then proper route & protection to be provided

Adhesive Protection:-

  • Operatives to wear Gloves when handling adhesives to prevent the risk of contact and industrial dermatitis.

Hand Tools Usage:-

  • Operatives to wear Suitable PPE, Gloves and Goggles to be worn at all times when using power tools.