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Hot & Cold Air Containment System

Data Centre containment system Data Centre containment system designed to separate cold air supply from the hot air flow to create a consistent temperature to the IT equipment which results in significance energy savings there by major cost reduction and better utilization of IT equipment’s. This system can be either cold air or hot air containment system. The data centre racks are designed as modular system helps to add or remove any unit for expansion or for maintenance. The containment solutions can be single row or double row structure and any height difference can be eliminated by using height adjustment panels in the containment system.

Cold Air Containment System

Cold Air Containment System In this system, containment is designed to separate cold airflow with the hot air emitted from IT equipment’s by making the entire work area as a hot aisle. Here the row of racks are designed in such a way that the cold air flow limited inside the containment to provide optimum cooling for the IT equipments.

Hot air Containment System

Hot air Containment System Here work area becomes a cold aisle and the hot exhaust air from IT equipment’s separated from cold air stream in the hot air containment. The row of racks designed to limit hot air inside the containment.