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About Us

AVAYO ELECTRONICS CANADA CORPORATION is a Canadian Corporate involved in the design, development, manufacture and marketing of Communication infrastructure products and raised floor solutions. The company has been involved in the worldwide cable, connectivity and data center market, providing highly differentiated, high-performance products since 2001. AVAYO ELECTRONICS established its exclusive corporate office in the Ontario Business hub, Canada with the intention to satisfy the industry's growing needs. Today AVAYO ELECTRONICS has spread its operation with offices and factories located at Canada, United States of America, United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia along with its strategic partners across the globe.

  The core key that has led to the growth of AVAYO ELECTRONICS is the commitment that the company has maintaining in its manufacturing excellence and the continuous strive in research and design development. The warranty and assurance AVAYO ELECTRONICS has provided to its customers with regards to the product quality has also played a pivotal role in its growth. The quality standards of AVAYO products are backed by the ISO 9001 as well U/L certifications. AVAYO ELECTRONICS also has exclusive joint ventures to source the highest quality raw materials and related products, thereby maintaining its standards at all the levels of production.

Vision & Mission

“AVAYO is the Global Leader among the Cabling System and Raised floor Solution Suppliers of the world by an abiding Commitment to deliver the best Communication Solution through Research, Development and Latest Technologies”.
A logical extension of the Vision Statement is the Mission of the AVAYO,which is to gain market recognition in the chosen areas. To build a sizeable market share in each of the chosen areas of business through effective strategies in terms of pricing, product packaging and promoting the product in the market. To facilitate a process of restructuring of branches to support a greater efficiency in the field. To promote confidence and commitment among the sales staff members, to address the expectations of the customers efficiently and handle technology with ease.

Quality Policy

Avayo Electronics Canada Corporation is committed to meet customer satisfaction through delivering services by a competent workforce considering its values without compromising the reliability and efficiency. This is to be achieved through following objectives:
  1. Conform to highest international specifications and quality management system standard of ISO 9001:2008
  2. Excel at process management.
  3. Ensure continual improvement in quality management system.
  4. Promote Quality and Excellence awareness.
  5. Collaborate with our partners to improve quality performance in all activities and operations.
  6. Conduct auditing, inspection and monitoring activities with credibility and impartiality. Avayo Electronics Canada Corporation management will ensure that all employees are introduced to this policy, every employee within the sector is obliged to make an active role in maintaining the quality management system, and it will be reviewed for continuing suitability.


As a leading manufacturer if IT infrastructure products with more than 15 years experience in the industry, AVAYO sets its name in the market for the design, development, manufacturing and marketing technically updated products. Our Specialties are:-
  • Over 500,000 sq ft area for manufacturing and ware housing.
  • State-of-the-art production line.
  • Middle East manufacturing facilities.
  • Custom design capacity.
  • Product development.
  • Multi product manufacturing under one roof.
  • Continues up gradation to cop-up latest technology.

Social & Safety considerations:

In order to fulfill our social responsibilities, AVAYO ensures to follow certain code of conduct which is applicable for the company as well as for our suppliers. This includes
  • The operation of the company in any country should observed relevant national laws and regulations.
  • To keep a complete employee register with their written contracts, relevant details for all employees.
  • On time remuneration including all benefits.
  • Compulsory and regular health check-up and ensures that the employees are not subject to any health danger at their work place.
  • Ensures no child labor or forced labor and any kind of discrimination both in our production line as well as in supplier work force.
  • All employees are properly trained and well educated about their work, machineries, process line, company policies and safety measures to follow.

Eco-friendly process

Green concept stands at the core of AVAYO manufacturing. We designed our production to achieve best optimization of materials and energy. This is done by specifying the production process with energy and environmental considerations. The advanced technology machineries reduce power consumption by regulating the usage and minimizing wastage. Use of recycling materials where ever possible and time to time improvement in the process towards eco-friendly process leads out thrives to Green aspect of the company. Process –
  • Maximize productivity by optimize resources.
  • Continues improvement in process to minimize wastage both in energy and materials.
  • Proper and timely maintenance to ensure best output.
  • Maximize use of recycled materials.
  • Minimize waste.
  • Ensure low energy consumption at all process including for machinery, motors, lighting etc.
  • Ensure proper emission of heat.
  • Usage of proper and accurate materials to reduce energy consumption.
  • Periodic maintenance for plant and machinaries.

Testing Facility& Certifications

In addition to the in house testing facilities to ensure the quality and specification conformity, AVAYO does third party test certifications for its products through reputed testing companies such as..
  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL) – USA
  • Intertek Testing Services - USA
  • Clark Testing – USA
  • Fowler – USA
  • Guardian Fire Testing Laboratories Inc. –USA
  • Infinity Testing Solutions – Canada
  • Bharat Test House – India
  • Material Lab - UAE