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Air Flow Panels

Air Flow Panels Fully steel or aluminum constructed air flow panels or perforated panels are designed to carry heavy load applications. The rate of perforation on the panels is varying according to the air flow level. The top finish will be antistatic HPL or Vinyl.

Sub Structure

The sub structure comprises adjustable pedestals and stringers in galvanized steel for nominal height required and schedule complete with gaskets for all length of stringers except for the case of powder coated type.


Pedestal The galvanized steel pedestal assembly consists of a base plate, pedestal tube, head plate with threaded rod and adjustment nut. The base plate welded to the pedestal tube which is designed to engage the head plate with threaded rod. Normally, the vertical adjustment is allowed for 30mm but in some cases the vertical adjustment can be possible up to 100mm. Pedestal height varies as per the site requirement from 100 mm till 1500 mm.


Stringers Made of tube in galvanized steel or powder coated steel, individually and rigidly fasten to the pedestal with screw to support each tile edges. The slotted holes in the stringers allow the mechanical fixing to the head through a self-threading cross-head bolt.


For the proper performance of the system, the accessories like Ramp, Steps, Fascia Plate, Perimeter support. Grommet, Earth connections. Brazing. Panel Lifter, Floor Boxes etc need to be considered as per the site requirement.

Quality Assurance

AVAYO ensure the quality of its Raised Floor System at all level of manufacturing, storing, shipping and installation. The manufacturing process strictly adhered to ISO standard and the panels are tested randomly for quality control. In addition to our own testing procedure, AVAYO systems are certified with third party independent testing authority.